About Us

CONSTRUCT Ltd is a company for the development of Real Estate projects. In some of the projects, we appear as an investor in the project, while in others we have an advisory role for clients, where we take them through the entire construction process from the idea to the final realization.

What we offer

The construction of a building is a long and complicated process. Many investors enter into that process lightly without any clue what obstacles they will have to face throughout that entire process: from complicated bureaucratic procedures to unexpected costs!

Quotations given by contractors often do not list all the costs, so sometimes they may seem favourable at first glance, only for the final costs to end up much higher than planed and presented.

CONSTRUCT d.o.o. focusses on each construction project in its entirety, not just its individual phases. Form finding plots (if you do not have one), architects, contractors for construction, electrical, mechanical and finishing work… to entering the finished building into the Land Registry.

And we offer an opportunity to be an active observer in all the phases of construction, so you can be sure that each penny you have invested will be used to the fullest!